John William King (born September 23, 1967), is a British TV presenter, entertainer and actor. He was born in Bermondsey (/ˈbɜːrməndzi/), which is a neighbourhood in the London Borough of Southwark, England, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) southeast of Charing Cross. He worked in Radio and TV in the UK and was a Presenter with his own show on GRAVITY FM Commercial Radio. He is also a former Professional Show Jumping Rider. For the past ten years he has worked in Educational TV – English Club TV channel (ECTV) - and as Newsreader for other stations in Eastern Europe.


Working in TV are happy days and bright memories for John. 2010 witnessed the creation of 5 o`clock TV program, which is a great learning series for those speakers of Russian Language learning English. English Club TV Director Irina Konovalova, Composer Igor Troshkov and Executive Producer Pavel Shport together with the charming co-presenter Elena Kuklina have all done their best to film such entertaining series.

According to John King, he is very lucky to be the voice of Audio Books. And it is hard work: you stand for hours in a hot sound studio with both a Sound Man and a Copy Reader who are to check that you say the words exactly as on the page. There are many works where you can hear John’s voice on the Readdo App in the Google Store. John’s favorites to read were 'The Fall of the House of Usher', 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'The Brogue'.


By working in TV, it is great to know and meet people who watch the shows. Having presented many shows for young learners of English, John was oftentimes surrounded and cheered by students everywhere – from streets in many European countries to a café in Moldova. Once, a teacher pointed John out as the man his schoolchildren watch on TV in school classes.



For seven years in a row John was reading the news in the English Language in Ukraine. English Club TV News program was brought to viewers and learners of English at different levels. Together with the ECTV editor-in-chief Anton Raksha, John read the news on the daily program and was the TV presenter of a Sunday edition. The computer guys made it look great when you see it on TV, but in truth, it is not the glamorous studio people might think.


When sitting in a nice air conditioned studio a few years ago reading the news from a teleprompter, John would not have believed that just a few years later after business, travel and adventure shows, he would be off to the Pearl of Africa to feature in movies.  On the first week of April 2019, that big adventure of his life begins.


At the beginning of April 2019, John flew to Uganda to start filming a comedy movie in a village. It’s a far cry from reading the news in English Language in Ukraine.


Three movies and a role in a TV Series are currently being shot.

The world will soon see Harry Jenson AKA the Actor John King. This is the main character in the soon-to-be released movie 'Murder Scam'.

More films and shows to follow.



All people are the same. We are all black on the inside…

In a film soon-to-be released, John plays a racist businessman. But it is nothing like the real John. He is now working in Uganda and has made so many new and good friends. According to John, he understands that we are all born the same no matter the colour of our skin, the faith or the country in which we are born. There are good and bad people everywhere. John wants to promote positive thinking, friendliness, support, true friendship and love. He wishes only to be friends with the good people wherever they are and whoever they are. On his Facebook page, he posted a wonderful short promotional clip from South Africa showing that we are all the same.



John King was married for some time and has a 12-year-old daughter (2019). At present, he is divorced. 


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